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    No Hardware / Software
    Easy to use
    Browser based and hosted solution
    No maintenance required
    Pay as you go
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    Best CRM for People on Move
    No upfront investment
    User-friendly CRM
    Data Security Management
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    Mobile CRM Management
    Best solution for travelling / field people
    Works on Android, iOS & Windows
    Best suits for SME segment
    Industry low monthly subscription fee
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    Efficient Lead & Call Planner
    Multichannel Lead Management
    Robust & Innovative Functionality
    Works with other enterprize solutions
    Easy integration with 3rd Party applications

Welcome to MobyCRM. Business Efficiency Like Never Before.

MobyCRM can be accessed anywhere with a mobile device and internet connection, MobyCRM is a hosted application, for which you will never have to download or install anything to have access to your data, to manage your field staff.

Our well designed and managed CRM (Client Relation Management) has the ability to provide upcoming followups, daily call planner, call escalation, phone call logs, predict trends, stay in touch with customers, multichannel marketing through SMS & Email, manage call center activity, track marketing people and field service executives.

MobyCRM is a new generation (patent-pending) CRM application for the field staff to enter the customer information, and create database of the prospective clients. The application works from mobile phones and relives from the constrains of desktop / laptop.

MobyService helps you to improve Equipment Uptime, Service Efficiency & Service Sales.

In ever growing competition, you have to focus more on improving the efficieny & world class service. We cannot compromise on service experience, which can cost us the customer. You have to deploy proven processes in place to avoid service level problems, which should be planned proactively and very carefully.

Our servers are hosted in Secure data centres. In addition, information that passes between your computer and our servers is encrypted using a technology called SSL which is the same technology that banks use to protect data.

Why MobyCRM

Multichannel Lead Management

As part of aggressive marketing efforts, we promote our products and services in multiple channels and in-bound leads are very valuable. None of us can ignore the leads. MobyCRM helps you to capture all kinds of leads into the system and make it available for the Management and in-turn it can be assigned to corresponding executives for the execution. MobyCRM also has a tracking system of the leads provided to the executive. This includes, enquiry form integration, Inbound call recording and tele marketing activities.

The customer interactions are recorded for your reference in future, and your marketing staff are well-equipped with required information for their next interaction with customer.

Robust Functionality

If we say, MobyCRM is "User-Friendly" it would be an understatement. The intuitive web and mobile based interface are well designed and it is extremely easy to use.

The rich functionality is well thought and purely object oriented, Lead Tracking, Field staff tracking, know about your customer through LinkedIn, sum-up the various forms of enquiries into single interface and review the lead-load balance, important reports (Daily Activity Report), Interact with external application, excel data exchange, timely reminders, easy to raise quotes, invoice and look at list of pending payment list, Upcoming list of appointments, SMS Marketing.

Speed & Adaptability

At MobyCRM we strongly believing in adaptability, as our client's business grow, we also evolve and grow with you.

You can quickly scale up or down your CRM as per your business demands without costly customization. As it is a hosted solution, the all the evolving features will be within your reach and you can derive the full benefit. User configuration is one of the simplest thing in MobyCRM, you can assign role based user rights from the setup screen and control the data sharing.

Continuous Innovation

We Listen, Collaborate and Deliver

MobyCRM firmly believes in the above, and we constantly in touch with our customers to understand ever changing business requirements and analyse them and see how best we can implement those to our customer to enhance their business efficiency and improve the top and bottom-line. As a part of the ongoing package, all customers can avail all new features. The updates happen automatically, behind-the-scenes, and as a user you can just turn-on the features that are right for you.


We cannot use our business applications at our desk alone, we need a solution, which should go along. We understand this, and made MobyCRM available at leading mobile platforms like, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. You can derive the same benefits as you get from your web / desktop application.


Value for Money. MobyCRM is hosted solution, it delivers unparalleled scalability, flexibility and value. MobyCRM customers can get the maximum RoI (Return on Investment).

Incredibly Easy to Use

MobyCRM is a marketing and field force management software, which helps the management to track every lead and conversion of the same into sale. It is incredibly easy to use and features a dynamic mobile interface.

Free Account Setup

Too busy, or concerned with the time involved to make the switch? No Problem - Our team is here to help! Account setup is free, completely confidential and painless.

Free Training

Connect at anytime with a MobyCRM customer care agent for 1-on-1 training and assistance. You'll be on a successful path wizard in no time! (Did we mention that it's free?)

MobyCRM in Action


Your Marketing Representatives / Sales Executives can take the calls and instantly can update the MobyCRM application, without getting back to a desktop or laptop and corresponding follow-up can be set immediately.